Kitchen in Charlestown, MA

Kitchen in Charlestown, MA

This stunning contemporary kitchen uses UV dried high gloss laminated doors to provide the sleek and clean look. This kitchen project was a complete transformation from the original kitchen with walls being torn down to help create a more open and free flowing kitchen. The project included tearing down the wall that the induction cooktop is on and replacing the stove with a built-in wall oven. A beautiful stainless steel hood was added to complete the kitchen. This kitchen was an absolute blast for Stacey to help create for the client and they were beyond happy.

Stacey Tempesta, Designer

Stacey has been designing kitchen and bathrooms since 2004 and she has been in the design industry since 2000. Stacey has a firm understanding of the functionality of spatial layouts and can make even the smallest spaces efficient. She quickly understands clients needs and has an amazing ability to translate them into creative designs reflective of the customers budget and aesthetics.

Stacey Tempesta

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