Moisture and Painted Cabinets: Not A Happy Combo

As you know, wood is a product of nature. When you add water to wood, and that certainly includes painted wood, it takes a toll over time. Many of the calls we get about painted cabinets after they have been ‘in-use’ for a while, have to do with the cabinetry around the sink and the trash cabinet.

It’s super-important to be aware of exposure to water and liquids of any type. Be sure to wipe and dry spills and moisture—pronto. Be sure your countertop seal is tight as well. Some people have a pull-out sponge drawer at the front of the sink. Don’t let a soggy sponge sit there or drip down the back of your cabinet panel. No matter how amazing, or high-tech, or careful the finishing process, if you let spills of any kind sit, well…it likely won’t be so good. If you are hard on your kitchen, you should consider this when choosing your style, finish, and color. That’s another way a designer can guide you through the options with a realistic voice of experience.

No matter what finish you have, especially with painted wood, the better you take care of your cabinets, the better they hold up over time. It’s imperative that clients who choose the painted styles understand the importance of being vigilant to clean and dry moisture carefully and promptly.

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