Visit our showroom or call us to make progress remotely!

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Whether you visit our fully operational showroom or request a remote consultation by phone or video, you still have access to the ‘secret sauce’ that makes working with our team on a project different from other places—this is the EXPERTISE and SERVICE.  So call us and let us get you started from home!
Our showroom is open with minimal staffing, proper distancing, and customer spacing.  We have over 6,000 square feet of showroom space so it is easy to spread out customers and staff.  You are welcome to walk-in and browse but please consider calling to make an appointment so we can make sure we have someone ready for you.
We have been asked if it is still possible to get a project moving without visiting the showroom.  ABSOLUTELY!  We can work by phone and/or video conference to help you design your space.  Our design team can send you images, 3-D renderings, and floor plans or share their screen while on a video call.  

Q. What is the first step?

A. Book a showroom visit, video meeting, or a phone call with a Carole team member.  Simply call us at 781-933-3339 OR e-mail or reach out via THIS LINK and we will contact you.

Q. Is there a cost to do the first remote consult?

A. NO. This is complimentary. We aim to get you enough basic design information about what we can offer and a first estimate. 

Q. What do I need to prepare for the meeting?

A. This should be a no-stress consult! The first conversation (whether remotely or in person) is really focused on your goals, your design vision and any special project parameters, and of course, helping you get a sense of what Carole’s can offer and how the process typically works.  Once you have set up the meeting time and you know who at Carole’s you will be speaking with, you will get that team member’s e-mail address. It is terrific if you can e-mail a couple pictures of the current space and please share some basic room measurements. 


What to Share with Your Designer

Once you are ready to book that first appointment, here’s what to bring to maximize your complimentary design consultation in the Carole showroom.

  • Any photos of kitchens or styles you love. ( is a fantastic resource for idea-collecting and browsing styles!) Check out the Carole’s page on Houzz to see many local projects Carole’s has completed.
  • Wish lists. What are your priorities for incorporating into your new kitchen? What do you dislike most about your current kitchen space…frustrating things that you want to fix for this kitchen? 
  • How do you use your kitchen? Do you cook all the time or hardly ever? Do you have many small specialty appliances? How much do you need to store? Do you want a wine fridge? An island or peninsula? A docking station for devices? A spot to have a laptop?
  • Your cabinetry/countertop budget. If you tell your designer what range you want to stay within, this will help him or her target the best line of cabinetry and find the best value, based on your design and investment priorities. Carole’s is unique in that the breadth and depth of cabinetry options we have allows us to help customers across a quite large range of investment goals. 
  • Basic measurements of your room (or, if you’re building new, bring your floor plans from your architect or builder). See our Design Guide for exactly which basic measurements you’ll need to get the most from your complimentary first consultation and design.

Do I Need to Choose an Installer/Contractor Before Starting at Carole’s?

Not necessarily. Sometimes contractors refer homeowners to a specific Carole designer. On the other hand, just as often, people come to Carole’s and ask us for referrals to kitchen installers. Who you decide to hire to install your kitchen is entirely your choice. (Carole Kitchen & Bath Design does not perform construction, or installation work or perform project management for your installer.) We are happy to provide you with suggestions of local individuals/firms with whom we are familiar and who have kitchen installation experience. We strongly suggest that you check references and interview more than one installer option to decide who you feel most comfortable with. Also find out when the contractors you are considering are available to work on your project. Here are some important installation-related notes: 

  • InstallationWhen your cabinetry arrives, if there are product or material issues regarding the cabinets from Carole’s, we will collaborate with you and your builder/installer to resolve those. 
  • To help facilitate a quality installation, a Carole designer will be happy to meet the installer at your home to review the cabinetry design and details of your kitchen design plan.
  • Excellent communication is an essential ingredient throughout the entire process—between you, your designer, and your installer/builder/contractor. Carole designers are known for their detailed and thorough design plans. We are happy to provide references from local builders with whom we work who can attest to our designers’ professionalism and skill and detailed cabinetry design plans.