Why Cherry Wood Is Not for Everyone

If a Carole client expresses an interest in cherry, we have found that it’s incredibly important to explain the unique attributes of natural cherry wood before placing their cabinetry order so they are confident in their selection and ultimately more satisfied with the products they choose. Of course, all natural wood products are unique in the sense that wood is a product of nature…however, please read the special notes here about cherry. All of these attributes add to cherry wood’s unique and distinctive look. But bottom-line is, while some of our clients love cherry, if you are the type of person who prefers very predicable, consistent-color cabinetry, cherry wood cabinets may in fact not be the best choice for you. 

  • Natural and light-stained cherry wood darkens very significantly with exposure to light. The displays and samples you see in our showroom are likely to be substantially different than new cabinets just out of the box. The degree of variation depends on the age of the product and amount of exposure to light it has had. By ordering a cherry product you must understand that the color will continue to darken with time, and that a new cabinet has to be allowed to age a minimum of 6 – 12 months if you desire a somewhat darker, and more mellow color.
  • Cherry wood will likely contain some knots, pin/worm holes, mineral streaks, and substantial grain pattern variations.
  • Cherry is a close-grained, multi-colored hardwood.
  • Sapwood will be present to some degree and adds further variation to the coloration.When you order a natural or light-stained cherry product, the wood will show these variations to a much greater degree.


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