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Why Cherry Wood Is Not for Everyone

If a Carole client expresses an interest in cherry, we have found that it’s incredibly important to explain the unique attributes of natural cherry wood before placing their cabinetry order so they are confident in their selection and ultimately more satisfied with the products they choose. Of course, all natural wood products are unique in the sense…
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Cabinetry Options: Full Overlay vs. 1/2 Inch Overlay?

KraftMaid Cabinetry offers this helpful explanation and visual to help you understand the difference between full overlay and 1/2 inch overlay design. Carole Kitchen and Bath Design has offered our clients the full gamut of design options with KraftMaid cabinetry for more than 20 years! Visit our Woburn, MA showroom to see many kitchen vignettes…
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Moisture and Painted Cabinets: Not A Happy Combo

As you know, wood is a product of nature. When you add water to wood, and that certainly includes painted wood, it takes a toll over time. Many of the calls we get about painted cabinets after they have been ‘in-use’ for a while, have to do with the cabinetry around the sink and the…
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