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We specialize in kitchens and cabinetry. Our highly experienced design team completes 300-500 kitchens each year, and each project is customized to our client’s individual goals.

Is Carole’s the right type of company for your particular project? At Carole Kitchen & Bath Design, we specialize in crafting professional cabinetry and countertop designs for people remodeling and wanting NEW cabinetry and/or countertops. We guide clients through a very large product selection and storage solutions with customized layouts and products to suit their needs. If you are, in fact, seeking professional kitchen design and you’d like new kitchen cabinets or countertops, we can help! Request appointment for complimentary consultation. 

(Note: We do not reface, paint existing cabinetry, order new cabinet doors only, do broader interior design or fee-only design work, or orchestrate design solutions which do not involve cabinetry or product replacement. Please note that Carole does not perform construction work or construction site management.) 

If you have questions about whether our company is a good fit or about the differences between interior design, refacing etc., and design for new cabinetry and/or a remodeled room, do feel free to call us, and we will do our best to answer questions. Or check out our FAQ page. 

Our Clients Comment on the Overall Experience.

Our clients tell us that what sets Carole’s apart from our competition has to do with the people and collaboration at our firm and our standards for quality and customer care. (Read clips from client letters & e-mails.) 

  • Get small firm ‘TLC’, but big-depth of talent. You will have one designer for your project ‘champion’, but we are not a firm of just a couple designers. We are proud of the depth of our team, and how our designers, customer care/admin, and warehouse crew all collaborate together for YOU—a huge and unique resource your designer taps into as he/she works on your project. You have at your fingertips with Carole’s a firm with the foundation of thousands of unique local kitchens and baths we have completed. 
  • Access specialized expertise. We design and deliver cabinetry for between 300-500 local kitchens annually across our richly experienced design team.

Let’s say that your kitchen or bath remodel is an expedition. Wouldn’t you prefer to…

Go With a Native Guide.

With the idiosyncrasies and nuances involved in a renovation, a pocket translation guide simply won’t do. So why trust your kitchen remodel to anyone other than a professional kitchen designer? An experienced designer translates your design, product, and budget requirements fluently.

Craft a Precise Map.

Don’t get waylaid by detours that could have been avoided. Work with an experienced ‘mapmaker’…a professional kitchen designer who is inspired by the beauty of the scenery…yet has a master craftsperson’s respect for every single inch along the way.

Secure the Keys to the Kingdom.

The product options are seemingly endless. Partner with a firm with access to all the quality, innovative, beautiful kitchen and bath products out there…One who’s able to leverage relationships with those products’ manufacturers to get you optimal value.

We’re ready when you are.